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Bio David Garland

David Garland is owner and CEO of Garland Services, Inc. in Douglasville, GA. He started in the pest control industry in 1974 as a pest control technician and worked his way up through the ranks with great strides, receiving numerous awards and recognitions along the way. After 26 years in the industry, Mr. Garland saw a real need for customer care and decided to apply his vast experience and knowledge to his own customer base and opened his own company in 2000. Garland Services, Inc. has proven to be an important influence in setting examples in leadership and treatments in the Commercial and Industrial Pest Control fields.

David is currently on the Board of Directors of the GA Pest Control Association and Chairman of the Winter Conference, held annually in Athens, GA. David has served as Region 5 Director from 2004 to 2007 as well as 2011 to 2012 and was recognized as Region Director of the Year in 2005 at the GCPA summer conference in Myrtle Beach, SC. Mr Garland is also a graduate of the GPCA Leadershiip Class of 2005. Mr. Garland was re-elected as Region 5 Director on April 18th 2017.  His 40 years experience in the pest control industry has been advantageous in the successful growth of Garland Services. David is continually upgrading operations and services to ensure quality customer care.