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Below is some important information on a couple important areas. Be sure to search our Pest Dictionary if you have more questions.
Termites: Uninvited Guests

Lurking in the walls, under your slab, in your crawl space, in your attic, behind your siding can be highly destructive uninvited guests ... termites! All of ths could be going on inside your house while you are sleeping, on vacation, or while you are working hard to maintain one of your largest investments -- your home! Taking care of your home and family means more than just fire and storm insurance. Termite protection is actually more important in the South. Statistics show that subterranean termite damage can be more financially devastating than tornadoes, hurricanes and fires combined. In the US alone, termites cause almost $3 billion in damage each year!

Things you can do to reduce MOSQUITOES around your home:
 Keep your grass mowed short and mow BEFORE not AFTER the application
 Don't over water your lawn
 Keep hedges and other hiding places trimmed and open
 Empty and clean bird baths regularly
 Keep ornamental ponds clean and circulating
 Keep wading pools and swimming pools clean - especially if you're not using them
 Get rid of old tires, cans, bottles, or other containers that collect rain or irrigation water
 Empty plant saucers after a day or two
 Plant bromeliads in pots, not the ground. Empty the water they collect regularly by inverting them
 Keep gutters and down spouts clean and free running
 Put screen over water collection barrels. Let water in -- keep mosquitoes out
 Water control is mosquito control
 Share this info with your neighbors! Mosquitoes don't honor property lines